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Electronic Press Kit


The High Loves are a pop-rock band from Canada's creative capital, Toronto. Formed in 2018, the group is composed of lead singer and guitarist Noah Monckton, lead guitarist Marko Stojanovic, keyboardist Jeremy Ugro and drummer Jaden Spanier.


Their music is the sonic equivalent of waking up in a good mood - a tight blend of danceable hooks, soaring vocals, guitar that heals as it squeals and 80s-authentic synth, knotted together in an addictive, unstoppable march. These are songs for every summer: for belting on road trips, for singing into a shower head, and for playing loud, when you just need to feel good.


The band are coming off a very exciting Summer with the July release of their single ‘Changing’, playing infamous Toronto venues including the Drake Underground, the Cameron House and the Horseshoe Tavern for NXNE. In June they opened for American Rock band 'Electric Six' to a sold out show in the Horseshoe Tavern, as well as opening for Indie Pop artist Tommy Newport in July.  In September The High Loves performed a showcase for TIFF with Hollywood North at the Campbell House Museum in Toronto.


New Single 'Stereo Now' out now, with an exciting EP release to follow! Stay tuned...


'Stereo Now' - new single, out now!

Listen Here:

Upcoming Releases
New EP coming Summer 2024!

Previous Releases
Single - Stereo Now - March 2024
Single - Carolina in the Sun  - November 2023
Single - Changing  - July 2023
EP - Something Famous - January 2023
EP - Too Much of a Good Thing - September 2021

EP - Serotonin - November 2018

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The High Loves play punchy, upbeat indie-pop laden with catchy hooks, fun riffs, and popping drums. Interwoven with 80s-style synths and smooth vocals, the band blends the best parts of the classics with their modern style.’ - Bad Influence Magazine


Being able to relax completely in another person’s presence is often rare and underrated. alt-rockers The High Loves crystallize the essence of that warm, light-hearted feeling - The Eric Alper 

Culling inspiration from ‘80s pop and early 2000s alt-rock, the band’s ethos is one of both serious fun and addictive music tugging on your consciousness, demanding to be played again. - The Tinnitist 



Previously Opened for:
Electric Six 
Magic City Hippies 
Tommy Newport

Performing at TIFF 2023

Previous winners of The John Lennon songwriting award (2019)

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